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Best car Brush in 2022

If you’re looking for a car brush that will make your car look newer. you should check out one of the top 10 best car brushes on the market. These brushes are made with high-quality materials and feature unique designs that will get all the dirt and grime off your car’s surface.

10 best car brushes for car cleaning

The Original California Car Duster Detailing Kit with Plastic Handle

Besides the California Car Duster 62445 Auto Detailing Kit with Plastic Handle, The Original California Dash Duster ensures that your car appears freshly cleaned once dust is removed. Their 100% cotton mop heads are treated with paraffin wax that removes dust from your vehicle’s surface. Using these products on cool surfaces is best to achieve the best results. Make sure you use a duster on a dry surface. A simple and fast way to remove dust from your car’s interior and exterior is to dust it lightly with an Auto Detailing Kit. It would help if you kept in mind that dusters are not intended to polish cars.

Features of the  Original California Car Duster Detailing Kit

  • This famous California car duster kit includes a small mini dash duster.
  • Using the cotton mops with California Car Duster Wax, you can quickly and effectively remove dust from your car without scratching it.
  • A car duster can be used to maintain most cars, trucks, and SUVs between car washes.
  • The MINI Dash Duster is great for dusting interiors, motorcycles, and household surfaces.

Shopping GD Multi-functional Car Duster

A super-soft car dash duster is a great way to remove dust on a car dashboard. The brush is designed to remove dust, not just move it from place to place. 

They are designed to care for your car and furniture without scratching or leaving lint behind. 

Small, lightweight brush easily stored in your glove box or under the seat for easy access to clean your car as needed. 

Features of the Shopping GD Multi-functional Car Duster

  •  The item is 100% new and of high quality.
  • The material is cotton and plastic.
  • It has a strong water absorption and is soft and delicate.
  • Use for cleaning, waxing, dusting, and cleaning high-grade surfaces.
  • There are several household items to be cleaned.

California Car Duster 62447-8B Mini Duster 

Mini blinds, shutters, wood, and appliances can all be cleaned with the Original California Mini Duster quickly and effectively. These cotton strands are specially treated with paraffin wax to lift dust easily and not scratch. The Duster is versatile, non-toxic, safe to use at home or in the car, and built for years of use.

Features of the California Car Duster 62447-8B Mini Duster 

  • You can quickly dust automotive and home interiors with the MINI Duster. 
  • The Original California Car Duster features the same signature wax treatment but is smaller. 
  • A wax-treated cotton mop quickly and safely collects and removes dust 
  • When you use the MINI Duster, shake it out in between uses to lengthen its lifespan 
  • This product is excellent for around the house. It can be used on mini blinds, shutters, appliances, furniture, and more.

Norpro 24-Inch Pure Lambs Wool Duster with Wood Handle 

The natural lanolin in lambswool blankets of 100% pure premium quality helps attract dust and keep it in place. Their soft texture won’t scratch surfaces. This durable wooden handle hangs easily from a leather hang loop, making it easy to store. Especially good for places with limited space. It can be used for cars, ceiling fans, window blinds, computer screens, keyboards, plant leaves, dashboards, bookcases, and so much more! You wipe it clean! It feels great in your hands while you shake it!

features of the Norpro 24-Inch Pure Lambs Wool Duster with Wood Handle 

  • It measures approximately 12″ x 7″ / 30.5cm x 18cm when fluffed 
  • It has a natural lanolin content and thus tends to hold dust. Lambswool is 100% pure. Its smooth surface makes it gentle on surfaces. 
  • An easy-to-store wooden handle with a leather hang loop is provided. 
  • This product is excellent for difficult-to-reach places or narrow spaces. They’re perfect for ceiling fans, window blinds, computers, keyboards, plant leaves, dashboards, bookshelves, and more! 
  • You can easily clean the surface! You need to spin the handle between your hands for dust removal! 

Emily 2 Pack Super Soft Multi-Functional Car Dash Duster

Emily 2 Pack Super Soft Multi-Functional Car Dash Duster is the perfect tool for cleaning your car’s interior and exterior. This soft, plush dash duster is made of 100% fleece to keep you comfortable as you sweep and brush away dirt, dust, and debris. The versatile duster can be used as a dusting brush to clean hard-to-reach surfaces, extending its usefulness far beyond just car cleaning.

Features of the Emily 2 Pack Super Soft Multi-Functional Car Dash Duster

  • It is 38 cm long so you can use it anywhere you want, quickly cleaning your car and home in just minutes. 
  • The handle is easy to operate and fits comfortably in the hands. The non-slip grip is soft and comfortable. 
  • This brush is made of an engineering plastic handle + canvas package + nanotechnology-lined sets. It allows the brush to be firm and soft without damaging the paint and effectively removes dust. 
  • A soft, comfortable non-slip grip makes it easy to operate and comfortable to hold. 
  • A few lights and compact microfiber strings trap and lift dust from your car, computer, etc., and will not be scratched or streaked.
  • Designed for long life, with a removable cotton brush head for easy and repeated cleaning. The handle is made of high-strength engineering plastic, not easily broken. 
  • Soft and comfortable design, non-slip, lightweight, increased grip strength, and easy to use. 

California Car Duster 62557 Super Duster


A wood handle is designed on the Super Duster to give it an attractive and durable appearance. The patented California Car Duster baked-in wax treatment is baked into a unique 360-degree round mop. A wraparound mop head and extra-long handle make this the ideal dustpan for trucks, SUVs, and RVs. An included storage bag makes transporting and storing it easy.

Features of the California Car Duster 62557 Super Duster

  • This Duster has a more extended handle and 360-degree cotton mophead than the traditional California Duster 
  • The Super Duster measures 31″ long so that you can clean large trucks, SUVs, and RVs in between washes.
  • This wax treatment uses a safe and non-toxic California Duster to eliminate light dust without scratching your vehicle. 
  • Dusting those high and hard-to-reach places with the 360-degree mophead is easy. 
  • If you want to prolong the life of the Super Duster, shake it out between uses and store it in the included carrying case.

OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster 53 inches

The Microfiber Extendable Duster Head from OXO is perfect for dusting under furniture and other surfaces. The aluminum body is light, sturdy, and extends to 54″ in a snap, making it possible for even the most difficult areas to be swept. This duster head rotates 270 degrees and can be locked at multiple angles depending on your cleaning type. The duster head can be locked in a vertical position for cleaning ceiling vents and light fixtures, or it can be locked at a right angle to remove dust from shelves and cabinets. The duster head can then be rotated after cleaning one side of it to use the clean side for extended cleaning.

Features of the OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster 53 inches

  • This product is designed to trap dust and hold it without the use of cleaning chemicals
  • The microfiber head can be rotated 270 degrees and locked into multiple angles for a versatile dusting experience.
  • Poles are made from lightweight aluminum alloy.
  • Microfiber can be detached from the poles for machine washing convenience; lightweight aluminum poles
  • A replacement head is available that is soft, comfortable, and non-slip.

California Car Duster 62442 Standard Car Duster with Wooden Handle 

Since 1989, California Car Dusters have been the choice of car owners who want to keep their vehicles clean. No comparable product for dusting and maintaining any vehicle’s appearance can match the California Car Duster baked-in wax treatment. This product is easy to use, reduces the number of car washes necessary to perform on a vehicle, and will not scratch its finish. There is nothing like the signature California Car Duster with a wooden handle 26 inches long and a cotton mop 15 inches long.

Features of the California Car Duster 62442

  •  Does not scratch the finish 
  • Do not just move dust. Remove it as well 
  • There is no need to use spray waxes, etc. 
  • This product effectively “lifts” dust with one pass 
  • The product is safe and non-toxic

Car Duster with Standard 15″ Cleaning Head Saves Time Original California 

It is the Original California Car Duster that saves time, money, and effort in every aspect of cleaning your car. It is fast and easy to use yet will not scratch your car’s paint. It gives the effect of having been washed with little effort and with no water. The mop head is made of 100% cotton and treated with a unique paraffin wax mixture to remove dust (not just move it) from the vehicle’s surface. A durable wooden-handled duster that is built to last for years to come and is safe and non-toxic.

Features of the Car Duster with Standard 15

  • It is non-toxic and safe for use on a wide variety of surfaces. 
  • It’s not enough to move the dust. You have to remove it. No need to use spray waxes, etc. 
  • The Car Duster works by effectively removing dust with one pass, saving you time and effort 
  • It quickly removes dust from surfaces and does not scratch the paint. It has a 100% cotton mop head that has been treated to prevent staining. 
  • The use of special paraffin wax to remove the dust from your vehicle’s surface (not just move it).

MoKo Car Duster, 2 Pack Super Soft Microfiber Car Dash Duster

It’s always hard to clean the inside of your car. Are you concerned your brush might scratch the interior of your car? It will act as a high-performance “dust collector,” cleaning your car’s interior thoroughly without causing unexpected scratches. The brush can also be used to clean your house or office daily. It would help if you had this tool to keep your car clean and in excellent condition.

The microfiber threaded strand bristles ensure a maximum amount of dust and dirt will be absorbed to ensure the best cleaning results. The ultra-soft material prevents scratching your car body and leaving lint behind. The bristles will have a reduced cleaning effect if they get wet. 

A flat head design prevents dust from being picked up again and can even be thrown back onto the cleaned car. 

The brush is an all-in-one multipurpose cleaner that cleans, dedusts, and washes simultaneously, removing dust, food crumbs, or other small items, especially in tight spaces. You can now eliminate your dirty cars, such as sedans, trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, bicycles, and other household appliances.

Features of the MoKo Car Duster, 2 Pack Super Soft Microfiber Car Dash Duster

  •  This fabric is ultra-soft, lightweight, and won’t scratch the surfaces of your car dashboard, window glass, leather, boats, RVs, and other household items like shelves, appliances, furniture, and ceiling fans. 
  • The dusters with a strong adsorption force can easily remove dust and dirt, making them ideal for cleaning, dust removal, and washing. When they are dry, they can more easily absorb dust due to the static electricity generated. 
  • The brush head is a sturdy microfiber brush, reusable, wear-resistant, firm, and can be repeatedly cleaned and reused. The brush head is washable and reusable. 
  • The ABS grip is easy to operate and comfortable to hold, and the handle holes allow easy opening through them so they can be hung on the hook for easy storage and easy access for subsequent use. 
  • This product is multipurpose: It is excellent for use outdoors on cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and RVs, as well as indoors on windows, shelves, countertops, closets, mirrors, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

In conclusion

The best car brushes are those that can remove dirt, dust, and debris from the surface of your car. They should be easy to use and efficient in cleaning the car.

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